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Union Pacific Railroad, USA

  • Union Pacific

Multinational Certified Employer 2016-2018

Only USA based divisions of Union Pacific Railroad have been certified

The Union Pacific Railroad is a freight hauling railroad that operates 8,500 locomotives over 32,100 route-miles in 23 states west of Chicago, Illinois and New Orleans, Louisiana. The Union Pacific Railroad network is the largest in the United States and employs 42,600 people. It is also one of the world's largest transportation companies.


Union Pacific becomes World's 1st Globally Certified Healthy Workplace

Union Pacific has been certified as a Global Healthy Workplace in recognition of its high standards of employee wellbeing.

The North American transportation company with 44,500 employees and a railroad franchise covering 23 states is one of America's most innovative employers when it comes to employee wellbeing.

The Certification, granted by the Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces assesses organizations commitment to providing employees with comprehensive support in health and wellbeing. Certified employers must be able to demonstrate that they excel in this domain.

The Certification is a new recognition granted by the Global Centre of Healthy Workplaces. It assesses employer programs across a broad range of factors including health and safety, mental wellbeing, commitment from top leadership and ability of employees to influence its design.

Wolf Kirsten, co-director of GCHW said: "Union Pacific operates a superb program and we have been impressed by the company's commitment towards continual learning and improvement. There is a direct link between an employer's commitment to wellbeing and the productivity of its business. Quite simply, healthy employees are not only happier but they work better too.

The GCHW runs the prestigious Global Healthy Workplace Awards. Its 4th Awards Summit for 2016 was hosted at the American University, Washington DC. Union Pacific will be entitled to enter for Award recognition in the forthcoming round.