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Global Healthy Workplace Online Course with University of Arizona Eller Executive Education
Next Course Dates: To Be Announced

Global Healthy Workplace Online Course

In partnership with University of Arizona Eller Executive Education, this intensive distance-learning, online program will expand participants understanding of health and well-being and equip them with successful models and practices for creating a healthy workplace. The series of lectures, readings and videos cover the essential areas of identifying enterprise readiness, comprehensive and integrated program approaches, strategies for implementation, measurement with benchmarking, and the steps necessary to ensure sustainability. The course requires interaction with peers as part of an active learning community. The program concludes with each participant having the opportunity to develop a customized program implementation plan, which can be applied to their own place of work.

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Global Healthy Workplace Certification

Global Healthy Workplace Online Certification

This is granted to organisations, which operate programmes that excel in the provision of healthy workplace programmes. Participating employers receive:

1. A thorough analysis and global benchmarking of their workplace programmes
2. Recognition as a employer of choice when seeking to retain employees or in attracting new talent
3. Enhanced ability to demonstrate focus based on sound ethical business principles, performance and value to stakeholders (including to investors)
4. Greater visibility with GCHW worldwide promotional campaigns
5. Learning from peers with opportunities to exchange knowledge, test new methods with other certified employers and keep abreast of the latest devolvement's being pioneered around the world
6. Entry for the Global Healthy Workplace Awards Programme

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